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Advanced Investors – Insured Revenue Share

Earnings: 110-120% ROI Referral Commission 6% Trust Score: 9/10 Launch Day: 9th February, 2017   Advanced Investors – A RevShare with Insurance AI is finally a Revenue Share program where everyone wins   What is different at AI? When you join a common Rev Share program, you give all your investment to one admin. After that, there are only two outcomes: The Admin is honest and he knows what he does, so the site will run for a few years maximum and can earn you a decent profit. The Admin is a Scammer, or fails because of any reason and you…

Website Development Part 3: Finalizing your Website Design

After you have your Plugin installed and activated your next step is to let Life Composer configure your Wordpres instalation as needed. Therefore you just have to go to the "Dashboard" at the top left. There you will see an area where you can read "Installer". Just click on "Install Everything" And everything will be set up automatically.   After the installation is finished, you can open your Domain again: http://verdiene-mit-max.net/ and you will see that you just created a nice looking website:                             Now all you have to do is configuring…

Inprexia – Longterm Cycler

      Earnings: 140% ROI Referral Commission 35%-1% Trust Score: 10/10 Launch Day: 4th February Inprexia – new Cycler with a proven concept Inprexia is a cycler which is unable to stall How it works To participate in the cycler, the first thing you have to do is upgrading your Account, there are three different types of memberships. The higher the price of a membership the bigger are the advantages, but I will come to this later here. Just concentrate on the "Earner" membership, for now,  it costs 0.005BTC (~5$ monthly) and will give you the ability to trade 5 tokens…

Traffic Summit Ads

Daily earnings: depending on Sales Referral Commission 10% Trust Score: 7/10 Launch Day: 8th February Traffic Summit Ads – new RevShare program from old Revenue Share Admin! Known concept, but proven admin   Two Types of advertising packs: The daily earnings depend solely on AdPack Sales, so no Sales = no daily earnings. If you maxed out your Level 1 AdPacks, you need a monthly membership, which will cost you $10 monthly. Distribution of earnings will be hourly and are caped at 2% daily.   Advertising on Traffic Summit Ads For every $5 spent in AdPacks, you will receive: 100 Website Credits I can´t…

Website Development Tutorial Part 2: Installing WordPress

Go here if you missed the first Part of this Tutorial: Website Development Tutorial Part 1 Part 2: Installing WordPress This is the second part of my Website Development Tutorial, that is dedicated to helping you create a very nice-looking website without having any programming skills or a lot of money! The last thing we discussed in the first part of this tutorial was buying the domain name for your website. If you followed my advice, and bought your domain from Strato, then, it will be super easy for you to make the first step towards “beautifying” your website – and,…

Website Development Tutorial Part 1: Domain and Webspace

Since I became successful in working online, many people have asked me how they could create a nice-looking website with no need of being a pro in programming nor paying a lot of money for it. And so, I decided to create this Website Development Tutorial, which is, in fact, a series of simple and small articles, that make it easy enough for anyone to create his own website! This is the very first part of my Website Development Tutorial, and today we will discuss what you should think about before creating your website, and how you could buy the…

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