What is Crypto300Club?

C300C is calling itself a "Crypto Trading Club", which is as simple as it sounds.

It is a Club where you can trade Crypto Currencies, well actually you don't need to trade Crypto Currencies on your own, but C300C will do the work for you.

How does Crypto 300 Club work?

Well this is also very simple.

You just buy "Crypto Packs" for $10 each and their team of Traders will use this money to trade Bitcoins and other Crypto Currencies and pay you a fixed Profit of 2% daily (1% on Weekends) for 60 Days. After that they will pay you 1% (0.5% on Weekends) for the rest of their life.

All you have to do is buy Crypto Packs and click one Button daily.

What makes Crypto 300 Club Special?

There are some Features it has that you don't find in other "HYIPS":

  • Daily Live Support
  • Weekly Conference Room
  • Complete Marketing Training
  • Weekly Referal Contest
  • Global Representatives

How much does Crypto 300 Club Pay?

You earn daily Revenue of 2% per Day for 60 Days and 1% (half on Weekends) after 60 Days for Life.

You will also get Referral Comissions 3 Levels deep:

Level 1: 5% (2.5% on Repurchases)

Level 2:

Is Crypto 300 Club a Scam?

Probably the most important Question you have and a Question which is not so easy to answer.

Many people would say yes it is Scam and they have different reasons to say so. For example that the owners want to stay anonymous, or that there is no real proof that they are using our money for trading.

But at first we have to clarify what a Scam really is.

For many people a Scam is as simple as a Program that isn't paying (anymore). But I'd rather say, a Scam is a Program run by Admins that don't want to pay you. All of these Scammers only want one thing, your Money, if they have an amount they are happy with, they run away.

So is Crypto300Club a Scam?

Well, we can never know, as we don't know the people behind it. But I don't think that Crypto 300 Club is a Scam.


Because of the "creator" of this Program, AdClickXpress. They could have run away with my money a few years ago several times, but they always found a way to stay alive and keep paying since 2012.

Is Crypto 300 Club paying?

As of now (31st October) yes. I will find a way to upload my Withdrawal proofs to keep you updated about the Status.

How long will C300C pay?

This is a Question nobody can answer for sure. Right now the Program is almost 2 months old and still paying without any troubles.

My guess is, that they are paying for another 6 month at least, but if they are really trading as they claim, they can pay for years to come.

How risky is Crypto 300 Club?

Well, it is as risky as every other HYIP, RevShare or Crypto Trading Club, well maybe a bit less, as they have an experienced Team working in this Industry since 2012.

So, as always don't invest more than you can afford to loose.

And find the withdrawal Strategy that fits you the best. Keep in mind, that it takes 60 Days to get 100% Return Of Investment and after this your daily earnings are pure Profit.

Is Crypto 300 Club legit?

Crypto 300 Club is run 100% anonymous with no central office, therefore they are not subject to any law and can't be closed by any government. 

Are they are truthfully?

Well until now, I haven't seen them lying, sometimes they come with bad News, which is a good sign. But we don't have any proof if they are really trading with our money, but this is something which is really hard to prove.

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