Mobile Mining is not exactly the right word for it, that’s why I call it pseudo mining. You can infect earn money with your phone and crypto currencies, but all the coins you mine here are pre-mined coins, that means you don’t really mine them and your phone don’t need much computing power.

Mobile Mining with Electroneum

One coin on my Portfolio is Electroneum.

You can find all Information and sign up here.

After you have created your Wallet, you need to download the Electroneum App from the Google Play Store (soon available for Apple). The Download Link is on the Homepage.

After you have installed the App, just go to the “More” Tab at the bottom right of the App, then tap “Referral Program” and Scan this code:

Electroneum QR Code

Therefore, you get 1% Bonus of all the coins you mine.

How much can you earn with Electroneum?

For many people this is the most important Question, so I’ll show you how much I earn:

Electronuem earnings

As you can see I make around 10 ETN every 3 Days, just for running this App on the Background and I don’t see any performance loss, higher Bandwidth or Battery use. So I earn around 100ETN every month.

How much is Electroneum worth?

Next important Question, how much do you get for 1 ETN?

In the Electroneum App you can always see the actual value. Currently (3rd Oct. 2018) 1 ETN is worth $0.01916 so earning 100 ETN a month would only be $0.20 so is it worth it?

Why ETN?

Electroneum is still a young project started in 2017, but has over 2 Million Users already, it is in the Top 50 of most used Coins, they are implementing special features like instant payments, …

So ETN is very cheap with under 2 cents I expect ETN to rise a lot during the next months and years. I currently own over 4,000ETN and I will keep mining.

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