Crypto 300 Club

Earn 1% daily for Life

Start Date: 12th September  2018

Earnings: 1% daily for Life (0.5% on Weekends:

Minimum Invest: $10

Referral Commissions: 1st Level: 5%, 2nd Level: 2.5%, 3rd Level: 1%

EWMN Trust Rate: 10/10

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How to make 1% per Day?

With an Experienced Team of Crypto Traders.

I have found a Team, that is able to earn at least 1% per Day while Trading Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more.

And the best thing is, that this Team opens it’s doors to everyone. So if you has no Knowledge in Trading at all (mine is very limited) you can profit from their Profits daily for Life. And the best thing is, you can do this 99% Passive and 100% Anonym.

All you have to do is, Signup, invest at least $10 and click daily on the “Get Paid” Button to receive 1% daily for Life.

You like to reap your Profits? Just request a Withdrawal and you get paid within 48 Hours.


I started on the launch Date and directly started to build a Big Team under me.

7 Days Later I earn 4$ daily Passive for Life! Requested my First Test Withdrawal on the 18th and will post the Proof as soon as I got paid!

Why do I trust and Love this System?

As I was part of the “Beta Test” I saw this Team of Traders already in Action and received 1% Daily Weeks before the Official Launch of Crypto 300 Club. And the “Ineventors” of this Program are running a successfull Business since 2012.

Why should I join now?

Just as a Special Launch Bonus you don’t get 1% daily per Life (over 300% per Year).


No, you get 2% daily for Life! This is over 600% per Year. 300% (or 600%) is the Perfect Gap between casual Banks that give you ~12% per year and HYIPS that Promise you 3000% per Year.

Also it is less risky than any HYIP out there and in the actual Time it is not much riskier than trusting any Bank.

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